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Author of the global bestseller, "The Little Black Book of Human Resources Management"

How to Cut Employee Benefits Costs 
Without Cutting Employee Benefits

Do you want to cut your employee benefits costs…take charge of your benefit renewal meetings instead of just barely understanding them…know you’re getting the service you should instead of wondering whether you’re being taken advantage of…get all the value you can from your benefits spend?

Then you want to attend How to Cut Employee Benefits Costs Without Cutting Employee Benefits.

I’m Barry Wolfe.  In my 25+ years as a senior HR leader, the biggest raises I ever

earned were for delivering five-, and six-figure savings for my employers in

employee benefits costs.  Now, as President of Argos HR Solutions, LLC and

author of the global bestseller, “The  Little Black Book of Human Resources

Management,” I’m sharing with you the real-world techniques that put

year-over-year savings back on the bottom line of my employers. 

You’ll Discover Secrets Like:

  • What your benefits offerings will – and will not – do for your business

  • Seven cost-saving alternatives to a fully-insured group health PPO (not including the ACA Marketplace)

  • Why great health plan designs often fail to change much – and how to fix that

  • How to manage your broker – what they should and shouldn’t be doing for you, and when it’s time to find a new one

  • Three seldom-discussed keys to controlling workers comp and disability costs

  • Three tips you can use for successful renewal negotiations

  • Two popular benefits incentives that hardly incentivize anybody

  • The pitfalls – and surprising use – of a group life benefit

  • The truth about employee wellness programs

  • The truth about preventive health care

  • Eight ways to control your unemployment compensation costs (not for employees, but it’s a benefit)

  • Four strategies to cut the hidden costs in your paid time off benefits

  • And – really – much more

“We thought we were already doing a great job with our health plan costs, but Barry's guidance delivered     $20,000 per year in savings for us.  I learned more about managing employee benefits in just a few hours with   him than I had learned in years on the job.”

                                                                -Sam DeLullo, Vice President/General Manager, Woodbed Corp


Who Will Benefit:

Business owners, General Managers, CFOs, and HR Leaders who want to:

  • Identify cost-reducing strategies

  • Better understand the real relationship between brokers, carriers, employers, and related 3rd parties

  • Take control of the broker relationship

  • Participate more effectively in benefit renewals

  • Define how competitive their benefits should be

  • Take action to save money on one of their biggest spends


Why You Won’t Find This Information Anywhere Else

Typically, the only people who will talk to you about employee benefits are the people who are trying to sell you employee benefits. 

By contrast, I’m not trying to sell you anything.  I’m not pitching an insurance product, or a third-party service, or a kickback-paying secret partner.  In fact, I’m not endorsing or recommending anybody.  Not even people I like.  Not even if you ask me to. 


That’s because I want to offer you all of the best strategies and tactics I know about reducing employee benefit costs, and I don’t want you to doubt for one second that that’s exactly what you’re getting.

Some I learned from insiders and peer-reviewed research.  A lot of them I learned from decades of real-world experience.  Some lessons are realities people in this world don’t want you to know.  Some topics may not apply to you today (though you’ll want them for your back pocket).  But all of this content can help most any benefit-sponsoring employers put real dollars back on their bottom line, without just shifting costs to employees.

Obviously, I can’t guarantee the results you’ll achieve from this program.

If I did, you should be skeptical.  I don’t know your group, your plans, your carriers, your resources, or anything else about you.


But I will tell you this:  In over 25 years as a senior HR guy, I’ve never even heard of a program that offers so many practical, real-world solutions to the challenges of controlling employee benefit costs. 

So if you don’t believe this program showed you any opportunities at least to recover your cost to attend this program, call me for a free, no-obligation 30-minute consultation.

The fee is only $600.  Discounts available for multiple participants from the same organization.  Call 412-508-5319 for more information.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Join the Next Session of 
How to Cut Employee Benefits Costs 
Without Cutting Employee Benefits

March 10, 2023

221 N. Center St.
Corry, PA 16407

Event fee of $600 is payable by check to Argos HR Solutions, LLC

Thanks for registering - looking forward to seeing you there!

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