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Is The Company You Have
The One You Intended to Build?

For many business owners, success is about more than what you create for yourself.  It's also about what you create for your customers, your community, and especially for your employees and their families.

You know that your business is most successful when your employees succeed, in a culture of sound values and solid professionalism that generates pride and excitement about the future.

As you've enjoyed the fruits of growth, you've also had to accommodate its demands.  If yours is like most companies, its your customers, equipment, and product that claim most of your attention and capital.  It's perfectly understandable; but all too often, those choices leave employees to struggle with ineffective supervision, ragged employment practices, and a lack of employee development that drain morale, resources, time, and - worst of all - talent.

My name is Barry Wolfe.  My career started in my father's business, where I learned to drive a forklift before I could drive a car.  That's where I learned what a good business leader really wants for his company and his employees.  In 25 years of leading HR there as well as in other businesses private and Fortune 500, I've developed and delivered HR solutions that help companies bring out the best in their people and drive business results (Click on How I Can Help You for some examples).  I combine the professional's best-practice knowledge of HR and HR consulting, the business leader's practical, get-it-done business sense, and the entrepreneur's understanding of what it's really all about.

Contact me and let me help you create the company you intended to build.

You probably know you could do much better, and that doing so would generate even greater success.  In fact, doing so was part of the plan since day one.  Maybe you're just not sure what would achieve real, meaningful results - or if anybody in your organization could deliver them.


That's how I believe your human resources function should be contributing to your success.  If it's not, I can help.


Argos HR Solutions, LLC

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113 Mohawk Drive

Sarver, PA 16055

(412) 508-5319

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