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Meet Barry
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Barry Wolfe

I grew up in St. Marys, PA.  My career began at the age of 13, when my father started a manufacturing company and I became one of his first employees.  I learned to drive a forklift before I could drive a car, and did my homework while running factory equipment.  Growing up in that environment taught me the value of hard work, and it gave me a sincere appreciation for the people who work hard to make a business succeed.

After college my father gave me my start in Human Resources.  I’ve been fortunate to lead HR in manufacturing, engineering, and health care organizations.  I know the challenges unique to private companies in western Pennsylvania, but I also have a business perspective from the Fortune 500.  My career has been about delivering real HR solutions that make help employees become more successful, and that help businesses become more competitive.


I think of these solutions as the tools in my “HR toolbox.”  My Masters in Human Resources Management and other studies have taught me the theory behind these topics, but my blue-collar upbringing in western Pennsylvania taught me that for these solutions to work, they have to be straightforward and practical – just like any tools in a toolbox.

You can get a sense of what’s in my toolbox, and find a few tools for your own, in my book, “The Little Black Book of Human Resources Management,” published by The Expressive Press.  It’s available on Amazon here.


On the personal side, my wife and I have six incredible children.  I’ve served on several non-profit boards over the years, and held several officer roles with the Knights of Columbus.  I’ve played guitar and sang in bands and as a solo act since I was working for my father, and was even on the road for a few years.  These days I mostly just sing in the car and at church. 


I know HR as a business partner.  I’ve made a career demonstrating the value of solid Human Resources practices in larger businesses, and I want to help smaller companies benefit from them as well.  That’s why I started Argos HR Solutions.  I hope you’ll contact us today so we can become your business partner.

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