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So What's With The Name, Anyway?: Inner_about

Thanks for asking.

When the hero Jason of Greek mythology was pursuing his quest for the Golden Fleece, he needed a very unique ship, one that didn’t exist anywhere in the world. It had to be able to face the challenges of the Aegean Sea for unknowable months, but be of a size that could be manned by himself and his band of followers.  So he turned for help to someone with a unique set of skills and expertise – the shipwright Argos, who built for Jason the famous ship, the Argo.

It was Jason’s adventure, his team of experts in the Argonauts.  But Argos and his expertise was able to provide the hero the tools he needed to complete his mission.

We may be in western Pennsylvania rather than ancient Greece.  But in much the same spirit, Argos HR Solutions is here to put its unique knowledge and skills at the service of your business adventure.

So What's With the Name, Anyway?
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